Replay: TYT Live: Insane VIDEO From The Kochs, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and More!

Inside the Koch-backed effort to keep money in politics and stop H.R. 1. Why Florida’s COVID numbers are facing new scrutiny. Progressives are pushing Biden to lift COVID vaccine patents. Republicans are speaking out against the idea of a “vaccine passport,” with Marjorie Taylor Green calling it Biden’s Mark of the Beast.” We ask you: should there be a vaccine passport? New updates from the Derek Chauvin trial, including the testimony of an MMA fighter who witnessed George Floyd’s death. Florida citizens are debating the name change of Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville. Amazon loses effort to install cameras in the union voting office. Doctors in Arkansas will soon be able to deny LGTBQ+ patients medical treatment based on “religious objections.” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is speaking out on canceling $50,000 of student loan debt, telling people to “email, call, [and] write” President Joe Biden on the issue. And a look at what the United States is doing in Bolivia.

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