Replay: TYT Live: Laura Ingraham DEVASTATED That Trump’s Gonna Get Her Sued

Ted Cruz makes a goofy Rio Grande video of himself reporting live from tall reeds at the border because that makes it more legitimate. A Georgia State Rep charged with felonies for knocking on Governor Kemp’s door as he signed the voter suppression bill. Fox News’ coverage of Biden’s press conference was hilariously petty. Trump invited four Republican Senate hopefuls to have a loyalty testing, Apprentice-style meeting where they tore each other apart for his approval. And a man was arrested at an Atlanta grocery store with six guns and body armor according to police.

Now that Dominion has hit Fox with a big lawsuit, Laura Ingraham had to cut Trump off from yet another election fraud rant, saying “we’re not going to relitigate the past.” Trump defends Capitol rioters and claims “a lot of people were waved in” by police. Tucker Carlson and his dumb guest say Republicans will vote for a fascist because they’re tired of being abused. A sexual assault conviction was just overturned because the victim got herself drunk. Lastly, QAnon’s Suez Canal conspiracies are getting wilder and wilder.

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