TDR Live: Unemployment Breaks Records as Bernie Saves Bonus Aid

Last night Bernie Sanders fought hard for extra unemployment aid, and now we know we’ve hit record high jobless claims. Proof the stock market does not represent security for American workers. Trump continues to make press conferences about him & his reelection. Should Trump’s press conference even be televised? And Anti-Trump ads have Donald worried. John Iadarola & Michael Shure break it down on today’s show of The Damage Report: LockDown Edition.

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"In a fiery speech on the Senate floor Wednesday ahead of the chamber’s passage of a massive coronavirus stimulus bill, Sen. Bernie Sanders ripped his Republican colleagues for doing everything in their power to ensure that poor and vulnerable people receive less financial assistance than they desperately need in this moment of nationwide crisis.

"Now I find that some of my Republican colleagues are very distressed. They’re very upset that somebody who’s making 10, 12 bucks an hour might end up with a paycheck for four months, more than they received last week," Sanders said, referring to the group of Republican senators who threatened to delay passage of the stimulus bill over its temporary expansion of unemployment benefits, which they described as overly generous."

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