Replay: McConnell’s PATHETIC Excuse Not To Pass Gun Legislation

President Biden calls on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, while Vice President Harris comes short of pushing for Executive Actions if Congress fails. Senator Joe Manchin is doing his best Joe Manchin by voicing vehement opposition to sensible background check measures in favor of his useless bill with Republican Pat Toomey. Mitch McConnell argues that the mass shooting problem is a mental health issue. The Boulder shooting suspect decried Islamophobia and Trump on his now-deleted Facebook page. While authorities don’t have a motive, his brother blames mental health and paranoia. And Bernie Sanders shares his thoughts on Trump getting banned from Twitter.

Meghan McCain questions whether identity politics are more important than qualifications as Senators Duckworth and Hirono raise objections to Biden nominees’ lack of diversity. We ask you, is Meghan McCain actually qualified to be on The View? A new survey of Arizona voters shows that a majority support a $15 minimum wage. Amazon delivery drivers are being forced to sign “biometric consent” forms or lose jobs. Mehdi Hasan takes on Biden’s public liaison director Cedric Richmond. Lastly, CNN Analyst Phil Mudd trashes America as “mediocre,” and saying we live in the “United States of Arrogance.”

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