Replay: TYT Live: DOJ CHARGING Trump for SEDITION Is Now On The Table

Rep. Dan Crenshaw apparently didn’t do too well in his border crisis appearance against MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan – plus other news from the border. A Department of Justice prosecutor appointed by William Barr now says Trump may be criminally culpable for the Capitol Riot. Chris Wallace corners Senator Tom Cotton on his relief bill hypocrisy. Republican Rep. Tom Reed apologizes, announces retirement amid misconduct claim. The husband of one of the spa shooting victims tells his story of being detained by police for four hours, even though they already had the suspect in custody. Meanwhile, the Atlanta shooting suspect’s Church bashed “radical feminism” in deleted sermons. Cops reportedly kept vile group chats about the homeless, mentally ill, and others. Should cops be fired for deeply offensive private messages, not related to their official duties? The police chief says Miami partying “couldn’t go on any longer.” Billionaire Kylie Jenner sparks fury with a “tone deaf” request for fans to pay for her stylist’s surgery. And, a look at how bored, rich people are spending their extra cash.

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