Replay: TYT Live: “Bad Day” Sheriff BRAGS About ANTI-ASIAN Shirt as Tucker Pretends Race Isn’t Real

The cop that seemingly sympathized with the Atlanta Massage Parlor terrorist posted anti-Asian COVID t-shirts for sale last year. Rep. Chip Roy used a House hearing on Asian American violence to promote lynchings as a weird way to condemn the racist murders, before launching an Asian hate rant about China. Glenn Greenwald says he hasn’t seen proof of white supremacist domestic terror that is behind the anti-Asian violence, but The Root’s Michael Harriot has receipts. Tucker Carlson makes some disgusting anti-immigrant comments about America becoming “crowded” and is accusing people of “dividing the county along racial lines” over the recent shooting. And Senator Raphael Warnock says the Filibuster must not hinder the fight against “Jim Crow in new clothes.”

In San Francisco, a 78-year-old Asian woman fought back against an attack. Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar says he’s been warning the Biden administration about the border. Far-right trolls invent a new term in order to be as transphobic as possible. A comedian does a bit on cancel culture, and everyone on Fox laughs way too much about it. Twelve House Republicans voted against a resolution to award Congressional Gold Medals to recognize Capitol Police over the January 6th Insurrection. And Sharon Osbourne may be out at “The Talk” after racism dustup, and an old clip resurfacing where she says Meghan Markle “ain’t black.”

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