TDR Live: Mitch McConnell Shell-Shocked Over Filibuster Threats

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Benjamin Dixon, journalist, progressive activist and host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, to break down the day’s top stories.

Mitch McConnell warns Democrats against changing filibuster rules. The Biden administration considers a major federal tax hike. Texas Republicans roll out a batch of restrictive election bills. Voting rights activists pressure Georgia businesses. Tucker Carlson continues his anti-vaxx campaign. Spain tests a 4-day workweek. Brazil faces a growing covid surge. The Vatican announces priests cannot bless same-sex unions. An Alaska Airlines traveler pees in his seat after refusing to wear a mask.

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"Texas Republicans are rolling out a slew of restrictive election bills, taking particular aim at early voting after Democrats enthusiastically embraced the practice last year.

More than two dozen GOP-sponsored elections bills are under consideration in the Legislature as lawmakers seek to tighten ID requirements and voter rolls, limit early voting and up the penalties for errors. The broad interest — and a mandate from the governor to prioritize election legislation — makes changes to Texas’ election law likely this year."

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