Replay: TYT Live: Tucker’s Military Scandal Takes SHOCKING Turn

A U.S. Navy probe finds a contractor charged in the Capitol Insurrection was a well-known Nazi sympathizer. A PBS poll finds that 49 percent of GOP men say they won’t get vaccinated, plus reactions from Republican officials and Dr. Fauci. Senator Ron Johnson comments on the Capitol Riots and Black Lives Matter in a way that many are calling racist. The Marines are apologizing over their Twitter spat with Tucker Carlson, but Senator Ted Cruz still demands a probe over accusations of the Pentagon bullying Tucker Carlson. Democrats see a path to remaking the Senate filibuster in “a tremendous sea change” over voting rights.

Biden refuses to join calls for Governor Cuomo to resign, as Cuomo’s vaccine Czar calls for county leaders to gauge loyalty to Cuomo. Congress launches a probe into multibillion-dollar “clean coal” tax credit. A Texas Ramen noodle restaurant vandalized with racist graffiti after the owner spoke out against Governor Abbott lifting COVID restrictions. Spring Breakers flock to Miami to ignore COVID rules, and chaos is breaking out. CBS’s “The Talk” goes on brief hiatus amid probe into the heated debate involving Sharon Osbourne.

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