Replay: TYT Live: Here’s What’s NOT In The COVID Relief Bill

The House voted for Biden’s COVID relief bill, and progressives didn’t hold their vote for a minimum wage hike. Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker promotes himself with a provision from the relief bill that he voted against. Meanwhile, Fox & Friends says Biden isn’t practicing unity because no Republicans voted for the bill. Biden wants to reopen a child detention center on top of toxic military waste, as the number of migrant children detained at the border triples. A judge has reinstated a third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s death. Asking women leaders about Cuomo’s resignation “isn’t the conversation we should be having” says Senator Gillibrand. Tucker Carlson says the military is too feminine because Biden is trying to pay attention to the women that serve. Stacey Dash apologizes for controversial political takes – should she be forgiven? A Missouri Pastor who sermonized that women must look good for their husbands goes on leave. More GOP voters heard “a lot” about the move to pull Dr. Seuss books than they did about the COVID-19 Relief Bill. And finally, Mexico passes a bill to legalize cannabis.

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