Replay: TYT Live: COVID Relief Passes Despite Manchin, Sinema And Other Republicans

The Senate passes Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill after voting overnight on amendments, sending the bill back to the House – here’s everything you need to know about what passed the Senate. A spokesperson for Senator Sinema says it’s sexist to criticize her for her ridiculously unprofessional attire on the senate floor, as she votes to keep millions in poverty. Senator Manchin used his Sunday media tour to reaffirm his support for the filibuster – while still being open to reforming it, like actually speaking at length to block a vote. Plus more from Manchin’s media tour, and Rep. Jim Clyburn calling out Manchin and Sinema over supporting the filibuster to block HR1, even if Clyburn himself doesn’t necessarily want the filibuster eliminated. Texas will not fix ERCOT’s $16 billion power billing mistake. The CDC issues new guidelines for vaccinated people. Plus, the challenges posed by vaccine-skeptical Trump Country. The New York state senate majority leader calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign, as two more women accuse Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. Cuomo says there’s ‘no way’ he will resign following new allegations. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle detail the ‘Invisible Contract’ between UK tabloids and the Royal Family, and more from the interview. In Idaho, COVID protesters burn masks in front of the capitol.

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