Replay: TYT Live: Mitch McConnell LEAVING the Senate?

Sen. Joe Manchin, the most prominent Democrat opposed to a $15 federal minimum wage, has a financial stake in at least one company that would have to increase pay if such a measure is passed, according to TYT’s Jonathan Larsen. Plus, Rebellion PAC’s new ad on Joe Manchin and the minimum wage. Vice President Kamala Harris says she may ignore the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling on a $15 minimum wage in a local radio interview. Jordan Uhl made a Nina Turner ad live on Twitch in a push with the MoveOn crew. President Biden says he will work with Congress to ‘refine’ the Voting Rights bill that just passed the House, because Republicans will never accept anything like it, and Dems refuse to eliminate the filibusters. Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann draw heat for suggesting vaccines be withheld from Texas after the state lifts their mask mandate. Elaine Chao used her position as Transportation Secretary to benefit her family’s business, and misused staff for personal assistance. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is working with the Kentucky legislature on a Senate exit strategy. GOP Senators opposed to Xavier Becerra for HHS Secretary have taken nearly $10 million from Big Pharma. A wealthy Florida Keys enclave received the COVID vaccine in January before much of the state.

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