Replay: TYT Live: Elizabeth Warren joins the FIGHT FOR $15

Senator Elizabeth Warren says Vice President Harris should ignore the $15 minimum wage ruling and force it into the COVID relief bill. Plus, the drama surrounding the decision to keep the $15 minimum wage in the bill, Biden’s work unifying Senate Dems on his $1.9 trillion plan, and TYT’s new petition. Senator Joe Manchin yells he will never vote to kill the filibuster, as he works to not only cut down eligibility for $1,400 checks but also cut unemployment assistance. Senator Warren brings her ‘Ultra-Millionaire’ tax proposal into the lion’s den of CNBC. Meanwhile, Grover Norquist cries about Warren’s proposed tax, saying it’s all about ‘hate and envy.’’ Governor Andrew Cuomo is accused of making an unwanted advance at a wedding. CNN host Chris Cuomo addresses harassment allegations against his brother during a live CNN show. FBI Director Christopher Wray confirms that radical white supremacists were involved in the January 6th insurrection, and antifa was not. Additionally, Capitol police are beefing up in preparation for potential Trump/Q-Anon violence on Thursday. Biden’s ICE is deporting hundreds of Haitians while the country is in chaos. The ‘fight is not over,’ says rights groups as the Biden Administration lets separated families remain in the US. Parents erupt over FDA’s failure to regulate toxic metals in food. And lastly, it looks like there was election fraud committed in the 2020 elections… by Republicans, as a South Texas judge faces several election fraud charges.

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