BREAKING: Amy Klobuchar & Pete Buttigieg Are Out

BREAKING: Amy Klobuchar & Pete Buttigieg Are Out

Amy Klobuchar & Pete Buttigieg are out. Has the moderate purge commenced? Or is the establishment buckling down to stop Bernie? John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg returned to his hometown tonight to address his supporters and announce that he was ending his presidential campaign, hoping his exit would help “ensure we have a new Democratic president” next January.

The news broke Sunday afternoon, with Buttigieg campaign aides confirming to CNN that he was dropping out of the race. The candidate’s reasoning, according to CNN, was that he did not see a path to victory and wanted to help ensure that the Democrats had the strongest possible candidate to take on President Donald Trump.

Buttigieg’s campaign had succeeded beyond virtually all expectations, starting with a small town mayor with such low name recognition that it was necessary for him to spend time educating reporters and potential supporters how to pronounce his last name. Clever campaign messaging — aided by Buttigieg’s husband Chasten Buttigieg and their Instagram-friendly pet dogs, Truman and Buddy — promoted the debate between “Boot-Edge-Edge” and “Buddha Judge,” as well as the candidate’s military background and educational credentials."

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