Replay: TYT LIVE: Here’s Who’s LYING About $15 Minimum Wage

A secret memo shows how Vice President Harris must now advance the minimum wage hike, and other reactions on yesterday’s Senate Parliamentarian’s decision. Ted Cruz mocks AOC over Capitol attack fears in a grievance-filled CPAC speech. Plus, a new report from the acting chief of the U.S. Capitol police warns of another attack on Biden’s upcoming address to Congress. The U.S. carries out an airstrike in Syria after rocket attacks. At least 22 killed as Progressives fume ‘it should be easier to raise the minimum wage than to drop bombs…’ And a woman uses her own thong as a mask after nearly being kicked out of a store.

In a response to the Senate Parliamentarian’s advisory opinion, Biden claims he’s ‘disappointed but respects the rules and will not stop fighting for $15.’ Plus, Senator Ron Wyden’s minimum wage backup plan, and Josh Hawley’s attempt to piggyback on Sanders and Wyden. Rand Paul faces criticism over his transphobic grilling of Biden’s HHS pick, Dr. Rachel Levine, who is transgender. CPAC and its good, Bible reading, God fearing attendees are literally worshipping a golden statue of Donald Trump. Plus, a shocking new development that Mitch McConnell will vote for Trump in 2024, because of the radical left wing Biden administration. And, plastic surgeries are up in the pandemic because of… increased Zoom calls?

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