Did Bloomberg Buy The Debate Crowd?

Did Bloomberg Buy The Debate Crowd?

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Read more here: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/south-carolina-debate-crowd-bloomberg-team-denies-buying-the-room-956447/

"“Mayor Bloomberg has a solid and strong and enthusiastic base of support,” Bernie Sanders said from the debate stage in South Carolina Tuesday night. “Problem is, they’re all billionaires.”

It was a tidy one-liner (with the bonus that it happens to have a basis in reality: Jeff Bezos was among those who reportedly lobbied the former New York mayor to get in the race) but the joke was met, somewhat mystifyingly, by a loud round of boos from the debate night crowd in South Carolina.

The same crowd had, for most night, been enthusiastically erupting at a noticeable volume for every answer Michael Bloomberg gave — including when he very nearly admitted that he “bought” 21 new members of Congress in 2018.

It was enough to prompt speculation that Team Bloomberg may have splurged on a cheering section to boost the beleaguered billionaire’s confidence after he was practically ethered live on stage in Las Vegas less than a week before."

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