Coming Soon: Free Public Transportation Across US

Coming Soon: Free Public Transportation Across US

Free public transportation across the US could be a possibility in the near future. John Iadarola and Peter Harrison break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"▶ Require metropolitan and regional transit to transition to a fare-free system and provide $17 billion in annual federal funding to compensate fare revenue. ▶ Fix our broken public transportation systems by giving the Federal Transit Administration $50 billion a year to invest in transit operations and street and sidewalk improvements to prioritize transit, biking, and walkability. ▶ Fund the Federal Transit Administration to expand the reach of public transportation by investing another $45 billion a year into building new transit systems and making capital improvements, reversing the current prioritization of highways over transit. ▶ Fund the Federal Railroad Administration to invest $150 billion in Amtrak and $150 billion in developing high speed rail to provide reliable, frequent, and green intercity alternatives to the car."

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