Bernie Ready To Mop Floor With Bloomberg

Bernie Ready To Mop Floor With Bloomberg

Bernie Sanders’ ready to is the mop the floor with Bloomberg in the Nevada debate. John Iadarola and Jordan Uhl break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"In our new Zogby Analytics Democratic Primary Poll of 732 likely voters nationwide, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) receives nearly a quarter (24%) of support, followed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has jumped into second place with 20% support, and has surpassed the damaged candidacy of former vice president Joe Biden (18%), who now occupies third place. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) received 10% and Mayor Pete Buttigieg followed close behind with 9%. The next closest candidate is Amy Klobuchar, coming off a strong performance in the New Hampshire primary, with 5%, and six percent of likely voters were not sure which candidate they would vote for. Also, 2% of Democratic Primary likely voters chose "someone else."

Sanders continued to do well with Hispanics (Sanders 24%, Biden 20% and Bloomberg 18%) and younger voters aged 18-29 (Sanders 41%, Warren 13%, Biden 12% and Bloomberg 12%), Millennials (Sanders 34%, Biden 15%, Bloomberg 14%, and Warren 11%) and women (Sanders 24%, Bloomberg 19% and Biden 15%), while there was a close race for the support of African American voters (Biden 27%, Bloomberg 26%, and Sanders 25%) among the top three-Sanders, Bloomberg and Biden. Where Bloomberg makes his presence felt is with swing voters, such as, moderates (Bloomberg 26%, Sanders 22% and Biden 18%) Catholics (Bloomberg 20%, Sanders 19% and Biden 19%), and college educated voters (Sanders 21%, Bloomberg 20%, Biden and Warren 14% each and Buttigieg 12%)."

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