TDR Live: Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by TYT’s Jayar Jackson for #JayarWednesday!

Fox News uses the Texas power outages to fearmonger about the Green New Deal. Non-literal commentator Tucker Carlson asks: “What if lying was your job?“. A UC Berkeley study finds that raising the minimum wage would save the federal government $65 billion annually. Biden rejects the Schumer/Warren proposal proposal to cancel $50K of student loan debt. Trump breaks his silence to go after Mitch McConnell. Mexico announces their intention to file a UN complaint over unequal vaccine distribution. Indian Activist Disha Ravi is arrested after sharing a climate change toolkit. At least 30 Taliban fighters are dead after an explosion during a bomb-making class.

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"Extreme winter storms wreaked havoc across the United States over the weekend, causing
widespread power outages in Texas. As many people are wondering why the largest energy-producing state in the country is facing widespread power failures amid below-freezing temperatures, Fox News’ answer is to blame the state’s reliance on wind energy. But while renewable energy sources such as wind are a familiar and convenient scapegoat for Fox — allowing the network to feed fears about clean energy and the Green New Deal that it has long nurtured — this narrative is flat wrong."

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