TYT LIVE: McConnell Says Trump is GUILTY… after Voting Not Guilty

Senators and impeachment managers say the trial is over, but the work is just beginning for investigating the Capitol Insurrection. Sen. Coons hounded Dems to drop witnesses because ‘people want to get home for Valentine’s Day’ while an impeachment manager says calling witnesses would have cost them Republican votes. Pelosi calls for a strong Republican Party, again! McConnell denounces Trump after voting to acquit, in a move Lindsey Graham says may come back to haunt the GOP. Axios reporter Jonathan Swan reports on how Senators sheltered in place amid the attack on the Capitol. Bill Cassidy and Richard Burr vote to impeach – and how North Carolina Republicans are already planning on censuring Burr over his vote. Jim Jordan claims that cancel culture is the ‘number one’ issue in America. Lindsey Graham predicts Vice President Harris will be impeached if the GOP takes back the House in 2022, and immediately promoted Lara Trump as heir apparent for Richard Burr’s Senate seat. Plus, an investigation into a George Floyd themed Valentine within the LAPD.

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