Replay: Trump Defense’s Delusional “Whataboutism” Argument

In the first hour: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Maz Jobrani discuss Trump’s legal defense, and its focus on the Democrats’ use of the word ‘fight’ all the time. Plus, a new study shows that roughly 40% of US coronavirus deaths could have been prevented, and how Medicare for All is the ‘only way forward’ according to a Lancet Panel. Nikki Haley breaks with Trump. Biden’s deputy press secretary went off on a female reporter for Politico over a story about his budding relationship with an Axios reporter covering the Biden campaign – and has since been suspended by the White House for a week. And assault charges were dropped against the Buffalo police officers seen pushing a protester. In the second hour: Cenk and John are joined by “Mike from PA” on the Central Committee to discuss Cruz, Graham, and Lee’s meeting with Trump’s lawyers, Ted Cruz defending his actions by claiming they’re not jurors, and other Republican reactions. Plus, Fox financial guest says people in need of stimulus relief are screwed up and have big problems like mental health issues. Georgia officials investigate groups that mobilized Black voters. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema falsely says the minimum wage is ‘not a budget item’ as she joins Joe Manchin in opposing a $15 wage. And a porn actress was banned from the women-centered dating app Bumble when she was simply looking for a relationship. Is this a result of controversial sex trafficking legislation doing more harm than good?

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