TDR Live: Trump Throws Pence Under the Bus and To The Mob

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Jason Carter, journalist, producer, television personality and host of #JASONUNLEASHED, to break down today’s top stories.

House Impeachment Managers present never-before-seen video evidence. GOP Senators react to yesterday’s impeachment proceedings. Fox News attempts to discredit the Democrat’s case. Georgia prosecutors open a criminal investigation into Trump’s efforts to overturn the state’s election results. The Tokyo Olympic committee releases a 33-page playbook for the rescheduled games. Conservationists call on the public to stop milking toads. Saudi Arabia releases a prominent women’s rights activist.

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"Sen. Tommy Tuberville revealed late Wednesday that he spoke to Donald Trump on Jan. 6, just as a violent mob closed in on the the Senate, and informed the then-president directly that Vice President Mike Pence had just been evacuated from the chamber.

“I said ‘Mr. President, they just took the vice president out, I’ve got to go,’” Tuberville (R-Ala.) told POLITICO on Capitol Hill on Wednesday night, saying he cut the phone call short amid the chaos."

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