Replay: TYT LIVE: Impeachment Shows DEVASTATING Video Of Trump on Jan 6

Lindsey Graham makes odd threats over impeachment, as polls show most Americans want Trump convicted and barred from running for office again. Plus, Republicans claim that the trial itself is unconstitutional, and a look at all the evidence likely to be used during the trial. The QAnon Shaman’s lawyer calls out Trump’s ‘propaganda’ in inciting the Capitol Riots, claiming millions of Americans ‘did hang on every word of their president.’ Alan Dershowitz, using his connections to Trump, became a force in clemency grants. Fox News asks the court to dismiss $2.7 billion defamation suit. Axios’ Jonathan Sawn takes Mediaite inside the coming GOP Civil War: ‘There’s gonna be a lot of bloodletting between now and 2024.’ The latest in When Rich Men Cry, staring Equity Investment Group’s Sam Zell. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made up to $640 million while working in the White House. The Senate holds a confirmation hearing for Biden’s OMB Director Neera Tanden. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg says roads aren’t only for vehicles anymore. ICE threatened to expose asylum-seekers to COVID if they didn’t accept deportation. Lastly, Poland enforces a controversial, near-total abortion ban. Plus, a look back on Ana’s viral video on this story and the response Ana received from women in Poland.

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