Trump Supporter’s Assassination Plot STOPPED

Trump Supporter’s Assassination Plot STOPPED

Trump supporter’s assassination plot was stopped following more violent Trump rhetoric. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"A 52-year-old Arizona resident accused of leaving a death threat on the voicemail of Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff was likely angry about something he had just seen on Fox News, according to a recent court document.

Jan Peter Meister allegedly called Schiff’s office on October 1, the same day President Donald Trump had called for Schiff to be arrested for treason. Schiff was one of the leading prosecutors in the impeachment proceedings against the president.

Court filings make clear that Meister has a lot of issues. He’s a registered sex offender. His lawyers said he made the threats in a drunken stupor. And officers say that when they arrested him two days after the incident, “he smelled of alcohol, cursed at agents, and stated, ‘fuck [Adam Schiff].” Fox News isn’t the only variable at play in Meister’s alleged behavior.

Still, the episode illustrates how the network’s coverage of Trump’s remarks, including the most incendiary, has the potential for real-world consequences. (Fox News didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.)"

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