GOP Lets Trump Out of Timeout

GOP Lets Trump Out of Timeout

GOP lets Trump from timeout because they claim he learned his lesson. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Washington — Republican Senator Susan Collins announced Tuesday she will vote to acquit President Trump in his Senate trial, telling CBS News she believes the president has learned a "pretty big lesson" from impeachment and will be "much more cautious" about seeking foreign assistance in the future.

"I believe that the president has learned from this case," Collins said in an exclusive interview with "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O’Donnell on Tuesday, before a speech on the Senate floor about her decision. "The president has been impeached. That’s a pretty big lesson."

The Senate plans to vote Wednesday on whether to convict Mr. Trump on two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Collins and Senator Mitt Romney were the only two Republicans who voted last week to allow witnesses in the impeachment trial, an effort that ultimately failed.

Despite her support for more witnesses, Collins said she would vote to acquit Mr. Trump of the charges, arguing that his actions don’t amount to high crimes and misdemeanors.

"I’m voting to acquit. Because I do not believe that the behavior alleged reaches the high bar in the Constitution for overturning an election, and removing a duly elected president," Collins said.

The Maine Republican told CBS News she believes the bipartisan condemnation of the president’s efforts to pressure Ukraine will give him pause about foreign assistance moving forward."

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