TDR Live: The GOP Bows Down to Marjorie Greene

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by writer, vlogger, and commentator Yasmin Khan to break down Thursday’s top stories.

Republicans rally behind Marjorie Taylor Greene. Matt Gaetz says he’s willing to resign his seat in order to defend Trump. AOC responds after a Republican congress member disputes her account from Jan. 6th. Kroger closes stores in Long Beach after the city passes “Hero Bonus” requirements.

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"A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House and Senate introduced legislation that would provide the Postal Service much-needed financial relief by doing away with a mandate that required it to prepay retirement benefits decades in advance.

The issue stems from a 2006 law that required the Postal Service to create a $72 billion fund that would pay for its employees’ retirement health benefits for more than 50 years into the future. This is not required by any other federal agency.

The "USPS Fairness Act," introduced by Democrats and Republicans in both chambers, would do away with the requirement and comes as some lawmakers and the biggest Postal Service union have called for President Joe Biden to quickly install new leadership in the federal agency."

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