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"Iowa Democrats will caucus Monday night, and the nation will finally learn the results of the first nominating contest of the 2020 presidential campaign. The Iowa caucuses are always closely watched and exhaustively analyzed — but how often do they accurately predict which candidate will be the eventual nominee?

A look at recent political history shows Iowa voters often pick a winner — but not always.

1976: Carter wins Iowa, nomination & presidency
In 1976, no candidate got a majority in the Iowa Democratic caucuses, with 37.2% voting "uncommitted." But Jimmy Carter was the candidate with the most votes, receiving 27.6% and ultimately becoming the party’s nominee. President Gerald Ford, who ascended to the presidency in 1974, after President Nixon’s resignation, faced a substantial primary challenge from the former California governor, Ronald Reagan. He was able to beat Reagan in a close race in the Republican Iowa caucuses and went on to become his party’s nominee, but Reagan’s challenge weakened Ford’s candidacy. The Democratic nominee with the largest share of support in Iowa was ultimately the Democratic nominee, and the Republican nominee was correctly predicted."

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