UK Searches For Their Own Bernie Sanders

UK Searches For Their Own Bernie Sanders

UK searches for their own Bernie Sanders. John Iadarola and Billie Porter break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"A row has blown up within Labour over the rules for the contest to find a successor to Jeremy Corbyn.

The party’s ruling National Executive Committee announced on Monday that the new leader will be named on 4 April, with Mr Corbyn remaining in post for almost four months after taking the party to its worst general election defeat since 1935.

But the NEC sparked controversy by deciding that candidates will not be given access to membership lists until after the nomination process is completed on 14 February.

Supporters of centrist contenders such as Jess Phillips fear this will give a campaigning head-start to left-wingers like Rebecca Long Bailey and Ian Lavery backed by the Momentum organisation, which has its own lists of sympathisers dating back to Mr Corbyn’s initial election in 2015, who make up a sizeable portion of the party’s total membership.

Phillips supporter Wes Streeting told The Independent: “All candidates deserve fair and equal access so they can all talk to members. I don’t see any reason why all candidates shouldn’t be able to do that from the moment that they get enough MP nominations. Constituency parties for the first time have the right to nominate candidates in a way that will make a real difference and we should be making it possible for candidates to speak to them and listen to them.”"

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