HILARIOUS Bernie Sanders Ad Goes Viral

HILARIOUS Bernie Sanders Ad Goes Viral

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"“Why should the devil have all the best tunes?” the apocryphal Martin Luther quote goes.
To that end: Why should big corporations have all the best advertisements? Comedy director Amber Schaefer doesn’t think they should.

Along with a diverse group of volunteers, Schaefer, whose previous work includes directing TV series, shorts, and actual commercials for firms like Geico, created a glossy, hilarious spoof of a perfume commercial for a fragrance that’s all the rage this campaign season: Bérnié.
Schaefer, who is not formally affiliated with Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign, produced the ad as a labor of love for a candidate she believes in.

The ad begins with the text, “Bérnié—the people’s perfume,” and features a diverse, mostly female cast on a sun-kissed beach and several allusions to the Sanders campaign. Sanders’s gruff voice echoes in the background, barking out his signature policy: “Medicare for All!”

In another reference to Medicare for All, an actor tears up a health insurance invoice for some $4,000. Another actor flips open a Zippo lighter and sets fire to a $67,000 student loan bill, an allusion to Sanders’s student debt forgiveness plan."

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