Replay: TYT LIVE: Bernie’s Huge WARNING For Weak Moderate Democrats

As lawmakers in both parties lobby the White House for a more targeted relief bill, Bernie weighs in on the Biden presidency so far, threatens to use reconciliation to pass a robust stimulus bill, and warns the GOP will win in 2022 if Democrats do not act aggressively now. The New York Times weaponizes Biden’s calls for bipartisanship by complaining that Biden does not even have a Republican in his cabinet and canceling the contract of an editor who had ‘chills’ on Biden Inauguration Day. Plus, Jimmy Dore’s dangerous lightbulb moment and interview with a boogaloo, as the commentator talks about the merits of the left’s ‘common cause’ with right-wing Boogaloo Boys. A Texas man who stormed the Capitol threatened to assassinate AOC according to the feds. Protests erupt in Tacoma, WA after a police officer drove through a crowd. The Supreme Court ends Trump’s emolument lawsuits. California Governor Gavin Newsom lifts stay-at-home order despite 0% ICU capacity and knowledge of the state’s own COVID variant. Plus, the Israeli-Palestinian vaccine crisis explained, and Rand Paul can’t play his same stupid games anymore.

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