Lindsey Graham’s Hypocrisy In 3 Phases

Watch Lindsey Graham in three phases: before Trump, with Trump, and after Trump. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report.

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"One of President Donald Trump’s top congressional allies, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday that the president must accept his own role in the violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol, adding that he didn’t regret helping Trump but that the whole matter had been a “self-inflicted wound.”

“When it comes to accountability the president needs to understand that his actions were the problem not the solution,” the South Carolina Republican said Thursday during a news conference in Washington. “A good friend of mine, Rudy Giuliani, did not help.”

Graham was referencing Trump’s comments at a rally on Wednesday where thousands of the president’s supporters gathered, and where he stoked displeasure at the impending Electoral College certification vote of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over him in the 2020 election."

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