Replay: MAGA Storms Capitol, Armed Standoff!

Warnock projected to win Georgia Senate seat as Democrats near a majority. Biden to tap Merrick Garland for attorney general. Meet the new DA who could prosecute Trump for the Georgia call. GOP strategists are angry and blaming Trump for their losses in Georgia. McConnell aligned Republicans are planning a total war on Team Trump. How Democrats plan to counter GOP objections to electoral counts. Powerless to change result, Pence braces for Trump’s fury. ‘Do it Mike’: Trump leans on Pence to reject Biden’s Electoral College certification. Trumpers openly talk about triggering civil war violence after Trump loses the last empty challenge in the Senate today. Proud Boys are still fighting with police in DC because their king lost. The Proud Boys are raking in donations from a Christian crowdfunding site. D.C. mayor says city ‘absolutely prepared’ for pro-Trump demonstration. A few angry Trumpers confront and harass Mitt Romney at the airport and on his flight. Kenosha protests peaceful after no charges announced for police officers. Jacob Blake’s family says their fight for justice is going to Congress after no charges are brought against the officer who shot him. 2 Louisville police officers fired over their roles in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. In wake of Proposition 22’s passage, the nation’s second-largest grocer says it’s discontinuing its own delivery service in ‘select locations’. Iran issues ‘Red Notice’ demand for Interpol to arrest Trump, 47 US officials for Suleimani assassination. The U.S. assassinated Qassim Suleimani one year ago. Does Trump have further plans for Iran before he leaves office?

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