Instagram Promotes Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

Instagram is pushing this empty pledge to stop anti-vaccine propaganda. John Iadarola and Jesselyn Cook break it down on The Damage Report.

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"As two vaccines for the coronavirus reach the U.S. market and are being prepared for widespread distribution, Instagram announced on Thursday that it will direct its users to “information from credible health authorities” when they search for terms related to vaccines on the platform.

But instead, it is actively steering many toward explicitly anti-vaccine content and misinformation amid a global pandemic.

Entering the term “vaccine” into the search bar on Instagram’s mobile app does lead to a notice linking to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website with the prompt, “Looking for Vaccine Info?” But for many users, prominently featured in the results beneath that is a lineup of anti-vaccine accounts like @vaccines_kill_, @anti.vaccines and @say_no_to_bill_gates_vaccine.”

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